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Part Language Knowledge(45 marks

Section A (15 marks)

Directionsfor each of the following unfinished sentences there are four choices marked A,B,C and D. Choose the one that best completes the sentence.


The wild flowers looked like a soft orange blanket _______ the desert.

A. covering         B. covered          C. cover         D. to cover 

股票000563The answer is A.

股票00056321. The ability _______ an idea is as important as the idea itself.

A. expressing       B. expressed         C. to express      D. to be expressed

股票00056322. -----Joan, what _______ in your hand?

   -----Look! It’s a birthday gift for my grandma.

A. had you held                   B. are you holding

C. do you hold                    D. will you hold

23. The players _______ from the whole country are expected to bring us honor in this summer game.

A. selecting         B. to select         C. selected        D. having selected

24. I knew that        would over discourage him, he would never give up wanting to be a director

A. something         B. anything            C. everything         D. nothing

25. Julia was good at German, French and Russian, all of _______ she spoke fluently.

A. who            B. whom           C. which          D. that

26. One-third of the country 股票000563_______ covered with trees and the majority of the citizens _______ black people.

A. is; are          B. is; is             C. are; are          D. are; is

股票00056327. In 1492, Columbus _______ on one of the Bahama Islands, but the mistook is for an island off


A. lands           B. landed            C. has landed        D. had landed

28. -----No one _______ be compared with Yao Ming in playing basketball.

   ----Oh, you are really his big fan.

A. can            B. need               C. must            D. might

29. Do you wake up every morning _______ energetic and ready to start a new day?

A. feel            B. to feel              C. feeling          D. felt

30. It is most instructive lecture that I _______ since I came to this school.

A. attended        B. had attended         C. am attending     D. have attended

股票00056331. Before a problem can be solved, it must be obvious _______ the problem itself is.

A. what           B. that                C. which           D. why

32. Only after they had discussed the matter for several hours _______ a decision.

A. they reached     B. did they reach        C. they reach       D. do they reach

33. Jack wasn’t saying anything, but the teacher smiled at him _______ he had done something very clever.

A. as if            B. in case              C. while          D. though

34. In the near future, more advances in the robot technology _______ by science.

A. are making      B. are made             C. will make      D. will be made

35. It’s not what we do once in a while _______ shapes our lives, but what we do consistently.

A. which           B. that               C. how           D. when


Section B (18 marks)

DirectionsFor each blank in the following passages there are four words or phrases marked

A,B,C and D. Fill in each blank with the words or phrases that best fits the context.

People in communities have slowly been pushed apart through the years, mostly because

people simply aren’t taking the time to say a simple “ hello. ” After considering this phenomenon, I decided I was going to   36   the way I was doing things.

My 37  came one morning when I was in the community library. I passed by a girl who   38 her books out of her locker. Thinking like most that someone else would help her pick them up, I continued my way. However, when I had to   39   because I stupidly forgot my book, I noticed she had just finished packing them up by herself. No one h ad stopped to   40   her.

 “OK,” I thought to myself, “this is where I should have changed.”

My best opportunity came a few days later when I saw a man   41 by himself waiting for the library to open, so I sat down next to him and began a  42  . It was difficult to get started, and even when I had to say goodbye, almost every  43  from my new friend had a tone (语气) of doubt in it. And who could blame him?

People aren’t used to making an  44   chat with a stranger. But a change, no matter how 45 it is needed, doesn’t just happen. It takes people like us to make it possible. I  46 you to take a small step out of your comfort zone and try to make someone’s day a little brighter. Together, we can really make society come   47 as a whole.

36. A. change           B. explain            C. learn            D. show

37. A. trouble           B. doubt             C. wish             D. opportunity

38. A. took             B. dropped           C. got              D.pulled

39. A. come out         B. stand by           C. go back           D. turn up    

40. A. please           B. greet              C. help             D. praise    

41. A. sitting           B. walking            C. riding          D. running  

42. A. discussing       B. lesson             C. report           D. conversation    

43. A. joke           B. response            C. cry             D. story   

44. A. unchangeable    B. unprepared        C. unforgettable     D. unfinished    

45. A. desperately      B. frequently        C. simply          D. widely   

Section C (12marks)

Directions: Complete the following passage by filling in each black with one word that best fits the context.

Dose going to college really 48 English class in college on the short story. Our first assignment was to read 49 short stories and then discuss which one was better. After reading both, I wasn’t sure. Over the 50 several months, my professor taught me 51 one story was so much better than the other.  52 was rich in mclaphor(隐喻)and character development, while the other was humorous 53 too shallow. I couldn’t see this at first. Yet, in a few months, my brain got reeducated and 54could see the difference between good and bad writing and could appreciate literature at a whole new level.

Going to college helps build a strong mind, which leads 55 greater success in one’s life.


Part Reading Comprehension (30marks)

Directions: Read the following passages. Each passage is followed by several questions or unfinished statements .For each of them there are four choices marked A, B,C, and D .Choose the one that fits best according to the information given in the passage.



When first entered, Vanak Restaurant does not look like much of a restaurant, but once the pleasant smells of kabob (烤肉串)hit the senses, you are incapable of calling it anything less.

Owned by a local couple, this Persian restaurant has an inviting, homelike atmosphere that many restaurants lack.

The space is small with only a few dining tables and nearly no decoration, but the environment is truly chaiming.

Lying in a hardly noticeable street corner, the restaurant still attracts all customer especially those experi enced in the delights of Middle Easrern cooking.

A common sight is that of old Persian men sitting in the corner talking loudly about world topics, wathcing news events on TV, drinking a black tea known as Persian chai, an reading local Persian nespapers all the while trying to finish off their plates piled wit food.

The variety of food at the restaurant is limited, but the amount of each dish is fairly large. Most of the meals can serve two people and are under $10, so not only is it affordably but practical as well.

The food, especially appeals to health-conscious eaters because each dish is very healthy, made with limited fat and o il and served straight off the grill(烤肉架).

股票000563The main dish that the restaurant is popular for is its kabobs, which are different style of grilled meat.

One delicious and extemely healthy dish is the Jooieh Kabob, which is made of grille chichen picccs served with either rice or bread. Another great kabob is the Chelo Kabob, kabob consinting of grilled beef.

Although the restaurant is samall, the atmosphere and the food is delicious. It is a plan that should not be overlooked.

56.When first entering the restaurant ,one can find that it

A. is splendidly decorated.

B. has pleasant smells of kabobs.

股票000563C. is crowded with dining table.

D. looks like a common restaurant.

股票00056357.What activity is also mentioned apart from dining in the restaurant?

股票000563A. Watching news events on TV.

B. Drinking a kind of black coffee.

股票000563C. Reading local English newspaper.

股票000563D. Discussing world topics in l oe voices.

股票00056358.The food of the restaurant

A. is served in small amounts.

B. is rather expensive.

C. is rich in varity.

股票000563D. is very heslthy

59.What is the dish Joojeh Kabob mainly made of

A. Rice                         B. Chicken                          C. Bread                       D. Beef

60. It can be inferred from the passage that restaurant        .

A. occupies                                       B. owns a favorable location

C. is popular for its special food           D. has a quiet environment inside




My father was chief engineer of a merchant ship which was sunk in world war ???the book night of the U-boats told the story


In September 1940my mother ,sister and I went to Swansea ,where my father ‘s ship was getting ready to sail ,we brought him a family photography to be kept with him at all times and keep him safe .

Then I remember my mother lying face down ,sobbing .she had heard from a friend that the ship had been sunk by a torpedo (鱼雷).

I can remember the arrived of the telegram(电板),which in those days always brought bad news .my grandmother opened it ,it read ,safe .love ted.”

My most vivid memory is being woken and brought down to sit on my father’s knee, his arm in a bandage .

股票000563He was judged unfit to return to sea and took a shore job in Glasgow for the rest of the war, for as long as I can remember ,he had a weak heart ,mother said it was caused by the torpedoes .he said it was because of t he cigarette ,whichever ,he died suddenly in his early 50s.

Ten years later I read night of the U-boat and able to complete the story .

A toast

In my room is the book and the photograph .often , glass in hand, I have wondered how I would have dealt with an explosion ,a sinking ship ,a jump into a vast ocean and a wait for rescue ?lest (以免 )we forget ,I have some more whisky and toast the heroes of the war.

股票00056361.we can infer that the mother and children went to Swansea ______.

股票000563A. to meet a friend

B. to see the father

股票000563C. to take a family

D. to enjoy the sailing of the ship

股票00056362.what did the author learn about the father from the telegram ?

A. he was still alive

B. his knee was broken

C. his ship had been sunk

D. he had arrived in Glasgow

63.the underlined word “it ” in paragraph 6 refers to the father ‘s _____ .

A. weak heart

B. taking a shore job

C. failure to return

股票000563D. injury caused by a torpedo

股票00056364.what can we know about the author ‘s father after his ship was attacked ?

A. he lost his arm

股票000563B. he repaired the engines

C. he managed to take a lifeboat

D. he was the last to leave the ship

65what is the passage mainly about ?

A. a group of forgotten heroes

B. a book describing a terrifying battle       

股票000563C. a ship engineer’s wartime experience

D. a merchant’s memories of a sea res cue



A recent study of ancient and modern elephant has come up with the unexpected conclusion that the African elephant is divided into two distinct (不同的 )species

股票000563The discovery was made by researchers at York and Harvard University when they were examing the genetic relationship between the ancient woolly mammoth and mastodon modern elephants—the Asian elepphant, African forest elephant, and African savanna elephant.

Once they obastain DNA sequences(序列)from two fossils(化石)股票000563,mammoths and mastodons, the team comparted them with DNA from modern elephants. They found their amazement that mordern forest and savanna elephants are as distinct from each other as Asian elephants and mammoths.

The scientists used detailed genetic analysis to prove that the African savanna elephant and the African forest elephant have been distinct species for several million years. The divergence股票000563 of the two species took place around the time of the divergence of Asian elephants and woolly mamm oths. This result amazed all the scientists.

股票000563There has long been debate in the scientific community that the two might be separate species, but this is the most convincing scientific evidence so far that they are indeed different species.

Previously, many naturalists believed that African savanna elephants and African forest elephants were two populationgs of the same species, despite the elephants’ significant size differences. The savanna elephant has an average shoulder height of 3.5 metres while the forest elephant has an averate shoulder double the weight of the forest elephant. But the fact that they look so differrent does not neccssarily mean they are different species. However the prooflay in the analysisi of the DNA.

Alfried Roca, assita nt professor in the Department of Animal Sciences at t he University of Illinois, said, “We now have to treat the forest and savanna elephants as two difficult units for conservation purpose. Since 1950, all Afican elephants have been conserved as one species. Now that we know the forest and savanna elephants have been distinct animals, the forest elephant should become a bigger priority(优先)for conservation purposes.”

66.One of the fossiles studied by the researchers is that of       .

A. the Asian elephant

股票000563B. the forest elephant

C. the savanna elephant

D. the maslodon elephant

67. The underlined word “divergence” in Paragraph 4 means “      .”

A. evolution

B. exhibition

C. separation

D. examination

68. The researchers’ conclusion was based on a study of the African elephant’s       .


B. height

C. weight

股票000563D. population

69. What are Alfred Roca’s words mainly about?

股票000563A. The conservation of Afican elephant

B. The purpose of studying Afican elephant

C. The way to divide Afican elephants into two units

D. The renson for the distinction of African elephants

股票00056370.Which of the following can be the best tille for the passage?

股票000563A. Naturalist’ Beliefs about Elephants

B. Amazing Experiments about Elephants

股票000563C. An Unexpected Finding ahout Elephants

D. A Long Scientifif Debate about Elephants


Part Writing 45 marks

Section A10 mark

Directions: Read the following passage. Fill in the numbered blanks by using the information from the passage.

Write NO MORE THAN THREE WORDS for each answer.

A person sea rches various websites for different reasons, such as school, work, or entertaiment. For teenagers, many information resousces on the Internet can be used. As a matter of fact, there are educational, music and art websites that are truly helpful to teeagers, because they can help make one’s life easier.

股票000563Education websites are helpful to a teenager in doing school work and searching for a colleag. Some can help studying for testes ,explaining a lesson , and doing homeward .Some can help find the right school based on one’s interests. And still others have pages devoted to the social life at each colleges or the species activities that at a certain school.

 Some free music sites enable a teenager to diversify their musical_ tastes. On these sites, all types of music are available such as pop, jazz and countryOne can type in a songcategory or artist and his or her entire catalog appears. ThenThe listener can make multiple play lists without creating an account(账户) with the site.

There various art web, sites that can help students to appreciate and create art pieces. On these sites , a student can view numerous photos and art pieces from different股票000563Mediums or create an account with the website to upload their art pieces for people to see. In addition, one can enjoy various art people have created on display for the rest of the world .

Truly informative resources offered on the Internet. The best suggestion one can receive is to try to look for new websites that can help in the educational music, or art area so one can become well-rounded and informed.


Truly Helpful Websites for Teenagers

Many   71   are available on various websites.

I. Educational sites: helping one   72   and search for a college

·Study for tests, explain a lesson , and do homework

·Find the right school that one 73  

·learn information about college social life and   74 

II Free music sites;    75    to diversify musical tastes

·Listen to all types of music

股票000563·Type in a song, category, or artist to get an entire catalog

·make multiple playlists 76  

III.    77   helping one appreciate and create works

股票000563·View photos and works from mediums

·   78   for others to see

·   79   on display

Helpful websites can make teenagers   80


Sect ion B(10 marks)

Directions: Read the following passage. Answer the questions according to the information given in the passage.

My First Long Run

Two weeks ago, I had a quarrel with my husband .After he had driven off in anger, I realized that I wasn’t going to feel any better just sitting there. Feeling abandoned and guilty, I put on my gym shoes to get some fresh air.

Our driveway has a slope(科技股票000563) that is easier just to jog down if you are lazy, taking advantage of gravity. Instead of stopping at the end of the lope, I decided to see if I could just jog to the end of the street. I had tried a few moths ago and failed miserably. Since that first attempt I had been jogging regularly and was significantly fitter, but still very lazy. However this time around I managed to reach the stop sign with ease and I figured I would go a little further.

After about o ne kilometer, however, I noticed that my upper body was tense . To make the movement easier I had to relax my body, and tried to take deep breaths of fresh air.

股票000563I kept giving myself the excuse to stop. No one would be disappointed. No one would even know. But I didn’t stop . I wanted to keep going harder, better, faster, stronger, To my great surprise, I ran 4.9 km in 31 minutes. When I got back, I had tears in my eyes. I did some thing I thought I could never do.

It was the first run of my life. Since then, I have improved my stride(步幅) and time. After every run I feel fitter, happier and motivated to keep progressing. I love the runner’s high. I normally jog because I want to look good. I want to run because it makes me feel good.

81. Why did the author feel guilty?

(NO more than 9 words)                                    (2 marks)



82. What did the author fail to do miserably a few months ago?

 (NO more than 11 words)                                    (2 marks)



83. What excuses did the author keep giving herself to stop ?

 (NO more than 9 words)                                    (3 marks)



84. how is running different from jogging to the author?

(NO more than 14words)                                    (3 marks)S



Section C (25 marks)

Directions: write on English composition according to the instructions given below in Chinese.





2. 不能使用真实姓名和学校名称。





1-10. CBCAB           CBACA         11-15. ABBAC   

16. by a river      17. Size    18. pretty       19. Reasons   20. 2 weeks

21-30. CBCDC   ABACD   31-35. ABADB

36-45. ADBCC   ADBBA    46-47. DC

48. an       49. two     50. next    51. why   

52. One    53. but           54. I         55. to 

56-60. BADBC   61-65. BAADC   66-70. DCAAC

71. informative resources   72. do school work   73. is interested in

74. specific school activities           75. enabling one       76. without an account 77. art sites      78. upload art pieces          

79. Enjoy art projects    80. well-rounded and informed

81. She had a quarrel with her husband

82. She failed to jog to the end of the street

83. No one would be disappointed or even know

84. Running makes her feel good while jogging makes her look good

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